Title Tracks: In Blank

Title Tracks
In Blank
(Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

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When I reviewed Title Tracks’ first album, It Was Easy, I predicted that it wouldn’t get the recognition it deserved. Turns out I was right. So let’s try again. Title Tracks are back with another unassuming gem of an album. Whereas John Davis played all the instruments himeself on It Was Easy, he has a rhythm section backing him up on In Blank. This dynamic gives a rush of energy to all the tightly constructed songs here. This music is the definition of power-pop. Every track is tunefull and melodic and extremely catchy but never wimpy. These songs rock. My only criticism is the sparse production. Sure, this is a tight three-piece and not a U2 record, but the harder songs could have really popped with a slightly more hands-on approach in production.

Still, it’s hard to find fault with these eleven appealing songs. There are sing-and-dance-alongs in the vein of Nick Lowe and Graham Parker as well as Cheap Trick style riff-pop. The only time Title Tracks mellow out a little is on “Forget the Ghost” but you won’t mind. The coolest part of that song is the ethereal effect Davis uses on his voice to make it sound, well, ghostly. Every other track is good too, as is every track on the first Title Tracks album.

If you’re a fan of rock and roll that goes down easy and gets stuck in your head, you should really seek out both of these fine albums. Davis has an impeccable sense of melody and he really deserves praise and a greater audience for his songs.

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