Voxtrot’s Ramesh Srivastava talks going solo, collaborations, and more


Recently, we had the chance to talk with Ramesh Srivastava, former frontman of indie-rock favorite Voxtrot. Currently, he is recording a new (solo) album and planning some tour dates and other interesting things (collaborations) around it.

Ramesh, it has been years since Voxtrot came together (I was 17, you may have been 24) and now alas…it is sadly disbanded. What are your plans for the future?

The plan is to do the same thing all over again, with full-force creativity.

When listening to the debut album after the amazing EPs that kept my car running, I was a little taken back (in a good way). It seemed very personal, from the beginning “Introduction.” Can you delve into your personal and musical transformation from the EPs to full length?

The rise to a good financial place was longer than most people think, and we were, perhaps, a bit burnt out when we finally got to that position.  That said, I still think the album has some amazing moments, and extremely good musicality, and that, one day, people will realize that.

Lets face it, music blogs can be boring and annoying. Blogs about music written by musicians are even more boring. Tell us a little bit about your blog, its actually one of the better ones (writing and subject).

My blog for Voxtrot was quite wordy, which is good.  I figure it’s better to write about something, as opposed to nothing or just meaningless opinions on music.  It’s good to get a glimpse of the actual person [writing the blog].  I have a new blog (remymac.tumblr.com) which will be very much the same, but will feature more music and artwork.

From knowing you personally, I know you travel to Europe a lot. Do you have a favorite place to DJ or play live out there?

Club Nasti in Madrid. Look it up!

Favorite place to play in NYC (besides Bowery Ballroom)?

Webster Hall.

Will you possibly release a “Voxtrot B-Sides” album? Us fans would really like some of those rarities on a CD.

It’s possible, but for now I am focusing on Ramesh.  I will be happy to think of Voxtrot later.

Any interesting collaborations coming up? I heard something about a harp player.

I am planning all kinds of collaborations, but they will, for now, remain under the radar.  I did, however, recently work with a harp player.  That was amazing, and some of that should appear on the finished album.

Finally, almost as a pre-requisite to interviews I (try) to conduct. Tell us something about you. Something new, something weird, who knows.

I am an extremely competitive person; living in the dark is not ideal for me.  The last few years have been incredibly hard, and I can’t wait to be, once again, making music on a regular basis.

Thanks Ramesh, looking forward to the new album!

You can download “The King” by Ramesh here at RCRDLBL.com and stream his full EP here.

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