Digitalism: I Love You, Dude.


I Love You, Dude

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If Digitalism has taught us anything by not releasing a full-length LP in four years it is that not only does distance make the heart fonder, but that maturity comes with age.

Leading off the album with a four-on-the-floor bass killer Stratosphere, the boys from Germantown fly right into a could-be 80’s synth anthem reminiscent of their influencers, Depeche Mode, with “2 Hearts.” I only say “could-be” because it doesn’t suck, it crushes. Lyrically and sonically this song is the winner of the album. The song begins with a soft guitar that would make you think they have lost the balls the club scene equipped them with, but alas no; the crunch bass sweeps right into a catchy chorus – “these two hearts won’t make it last.” I am hopelessly in love– well, with this track at least.

There are a lot of artists trying to pull off what Digitalism does, but they only come out sounding like She Wants Revenge, or some other terrible Peter Murphy rip-off.  After “2 Hearts” wraps up, Digitalism brings the bass and guitar samples for “Circles,” a sonically beautiful track, giving us exactly what we want.  Quite possibly, the most expected track and the song that will get the club play on this LP is “Blitz.”  Beginning with an almost Kavinsky/SebastiAn loop, it drops into heavy bass, and then a big drop (this is when the crowd cheers, or whatever people do).

I am a huge Strokes fan as well, which is why when I heard that Julian Casablancas was helping to co-write this album, it made me that much more excited for this record to drop. Casablancas only ended up co-writing “Forrest Gump” though, but right off the bat you can hear a signature Strokes guitar riff pounding away – if you added some saw-tooth bass and what I believe is a 707 drum kit (nerd, I know).

The most interesting track on this album has to be “Just Gazin,” which is totally out in left field for Digitalism. It begins with classical-esque acoustic guitar and a beat drops right behind. All said and done, I would give this album a 4/5 and say hallelujah that they have stuck with their roots, influences, and original sound.

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