Jamie Woon: Mirrorwriting


Jamie Woon

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“One to watch” labels have been pinned to London-based singer-songwriter and producer Jamie Woon since his lead single “Night Air,” released late last fall. With his debut album, Mirrorwriting, the labels continue.

Though not as commercial as fellow BRIT schoolmates Adele, the late Amy Winehouse, or Katy B, Woon is among a talented pool of artists who bring freshness and heart, along with a sort of melancholy itch that we tend to always love. Some even compare the gifted producer to another BBC Sound of 2011 nominee, James Blake.

Mirrorwriting is a soulful yet moody set– a naughty balance between connection and rebellion. Tracks like “Night Air,” “Lady Luck,” “Middle,” “Shoulda,” and “Spiral” crave attention, earning listeners very easily.  And “Spirits” and “Echoes” haunt, but in a good way. Overall, the entire effort is solid– moodiness and all.

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