So, once again I got to spend one day of my fourth with the wonderful members of TES (The New York Eulenspiegel Society) and the  merriest bunch of kinksters you will ever find. As reported last year, the TES organization is savvy enough to rent out a complete hotel for their holiday weekend, so members can walk the lobby, pool area, anywhere they wish in as little as they wish. A kink event is about the frocks as much as it is about anything else and these people like to show-off the fetish wear they paid a very high dollar for or took many hours creating.

Though smaller than last year (but not by much really) the people in attendance (a seemingly even amount of ladies to men) attended classes, teas and vendor rooms by day, then post dinner more or less got into the spirit of the onsite dungeon and played. What I liked about TES’s weekend so much last year and found again this year is really how approachable and friendly everybody is. Not really tipping my reporter’s cap (less I make anyone feel self conscious) I just started up conversations with ladies and men about the event and everybody was open to jawing for a few minutes.

I ran into a few writers I knew and had worked with, happened across a dom lady repairing her corset, a couple who knew more about CBT than you can imagine (if you don’t know what CBT is, look it up!) and had a few minutes with a vendor or two (some of which I hope to feature in future columns). The people of TES come from our tri-state area as much from across country to attend this weekend and pretty much everybody is just plain happy to see each other that the atmosphere really is just one big rollicking get-together.

The day I attended there was a high tea mid afternoon, which saw the ladies of TES sitting at nicely appointed tables in the bar area, being served tea and sweets by sissy-maids (men dressed as women in frilly dresses, etc.) but I only spied a few moments of this very civilized hour as I was in a spanking class in another ballroom at the time (that’s the thing with this convention, there is always at least two or three things going on at once).

The afore mentioned vendors were set-up along the first floor of the hotel in separate hotel rooms, which I thought was rather neat, avoiding as it did the need for a ballroom to be outfitted as a big retail space that just gets too crowded. You also got time to really speak to the vendors about what they were selling.

What it comes down to is: people attending the TES weekend are getting good value for their dollar, a safe environment to enjoy their particular pleasures in and the chance to encircle their community around them. For another year, my hat’s off to TES for truly special empowering weekend.

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