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The Wealthy West
The Wealthy West
(The Wealthy West)

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The first song by The Wealthy West, on their new self-titled EP, gives a roaring send-off to love. The sentiment on “Love is Not Enough” bodes righteous for love-scorned, heartbroken wound lickers while maintaining an upbeat, glorious sing-along western-tinged ode to hurt. Singer Brandon Kinder is The Wealthy West and he has a powerful way with words. Each track on this 5-song EP is rich with melodious acoustic guitar and his even road vocal melodies, which sound more enchanting by his writing. Kinder, is also a member of the indie group The Rocketboys from Austin, Texas. Wistfully romantic yet with a biting cut of pain and regret, the combination is nicely therapeutic and thoughtful.  At times it is properly lost in organs and a simmering not overwhelming blanket of drums, each song embodies a warm emotive feel. The vibe creates a push and pull of unsteadied dynamics and the shady reality of giving versus wanting and joy versus pain. Sweetened with harmonica, “Home,” which features lyrics like, “you’ve always known what you always wanted to be. It was just a shadow of something you can’t see,” and the more edgy “Not A Pretty Pair,” are mystically gorgeous as well.

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