Wiley: 100% Publishing


100% Publishing
(Big Dada Records)

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The verbosity of UK rapper Wiley simmers with splendid beats and witty rhymes on his new album, 100% Publishing. A sense of humor, sharp use of pop culture catchphrases, and enough bravado that equals charm, his latest release is fierce, fresh and unique.

“Up There” begins with a sunny day sparkling of synthesized keys that give into a more rhythm and blues groove while Wiley delves into the complexity of turning life into success. With a very intelligent vocal assault, Wiley combines his rhyme technique with healthy beats that give each song both a vocal and musical edge.

He began his career back in 1997 and soon after began working with a variety of UK crews before then moving on to join Roll Deep, which contained Dizzee Rascal, to make grime-style music. Hence, Wiley is a fore-runner of the genre of grime known for accelerated beats and intricate tempos. The optimistic “To Be Continued” moves with mechanic pushes of bass that take turns with fluttery clunks of keys that spiral upwards during the chorus. The repetitive nature of Wiley’s choruses on most songs nicely wind into a mantra that sticks like a clever message written on a t-shirt or unforgettable bumper sticker. The beauty of Wiley is an offbeat sliding scale of taking himself too seriously and not seriously enough, thus, the common complexity and beauty of what it is to be human and real.

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