Lil Daggers: Lil Daggers


Lil Daggers
Lil Daggers
(limited fanfare)

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This Miami-based quintet is representative of garage music in every sense of the word. Lil Daggers turned humble domestic beginnings into a LP record release. This freshmen album starts very strong with simple, feel-good riffs backed with some warm organs and powerful percussion. The vocals are so very omnipresent it tickles the senses and clears the throat. By mid-album the energy is fizzling out into atmospheric brushes of organ, and reverberated vocals reminiscent of old Stooges, heroin-fueled tempo reductions. Finally, by the end, the album has taken such a massive turn that you forget where you even started and time and space is warped in such a way that you find yourself perhaps washing dishes at some strange domicile and the only way home is to play the album again from the beginning. Take a deep breath, click your heels and reacquire the energy.

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