FILM: 3 (Drei)


In an attempt to explore the nature of life itself, a love triangle may seem to be an odd choice to use as a framing device, but in director Tom Tykwer’s new film 3 (or Drei as they say in his native German) it is somehow fitting as it helps underscore the questions of biology and love in a very different way.  The film is a new take on a commonly told story as a married couple find themselves both straying from their union with another man, who happens to be the same man.  Of course each of them are unaware of the connection until fate turns the lights on.  While this film is essentially the story of a threesome, it also asks questions about the nature of sexual orientation, birth, death, love, art, and of course molecular biology and stem cells. Tykwer, best known for his unique style and quick, intense edits in films such as his hit Run Lola Run and the short Faubourg Saint-Denis from Paris, Je T’Aime, shows a level of sophistication in this film as his stylistic elements become more entwined with the story and less overt as devices in and of themselves.  The film is also distinctly European offering a plethora of conceptual ideas and some explicit nude scenes as well as some cringe-worthy scenes of surgery. 3 is a great success though in part due to the fact that it is the type of film that will make an impression on viewers and will linger in the back of your mind for a while after seeing it.

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