Foo Fighters Rock Izod Center, 9/26/11


Looking through the packed crowd at the Izod Center on Monday night, Dave Grohl points to two young teens and says, “You guys want to know how to start a rock and roll band? You don’t need a computer, you need one of these,” as he points to his guitar. The crowd went wild. “Next time you go see your favorite band in concert, make sure they don’t have a fucking computer, and they’re just a bunch of guys on stage!”

Hey, you can’t argue with the guy when he backs up his argument.

In what was one of the most exciting shows this critic has ever seen, the Foo Fighters ended their North American tour at the Izod Center this past Monday, playing a two hour and forty-five minute set. “For those of you that don’t know,” said Grohl, “we have a lot of fucking songs. We play long fucking shows!” But when you have the entire Foo Fighters catalogue of music at your disposal, you have no other choice.

The show opened with two tracks off their new album, Wasting Light—“Bridges Burning” and “Rope,” which then segued into old favorites “The Pretender” and “My Hero.” Only after the band finished these four songs (about 15 minutes into show), did Grohl finally welcome us to the show, setting the tone for exactly what kind of show this was going  to be—a high energy rock concert.

Well…for the most part. “What’s with the people sitting down at the rock concert?” Dave asked, pointing to the few fans who weren’t on their feet. “No, no, no, sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves…lazy-ass motherfuckers.” Grohl did enough to make up for them, though, running across the stage, through the audience, flailing his hair back and forth, strumming so hard he broke his guitar strings; did I mention this was a rock concert?

The Foo Fighters broke out a few surprises during the course of the night, playing some great covers of Tom Petty’s classic “Breakdown,” and Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh.” The biggest shock came when Grohl brought out former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic to play accordion on one of the Fighters’ new hits, “These Days.” To see those two guys on stage again was truly something special.

After closing the show with “All My Life,” the band disappeared, only to return for a seven song encore, three of which (including fan favorite “Best of You”) featured Grohl alone on a 20-foot platform in the middle of the floor, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar.  After they closed the show with, arguably, their biggest hit, “Everlong,” Grohl said they were going to rush back to the studio and make a new album so they could come back and “rock out for another 3 hours!” Well, hurry up, Dave. We’re waiting.

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