Girls: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Father, Son, Holy Ghost
(True Panther Sounds)

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Girls is a San Francisco indie duo who was recently featured on BBC Radio and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Their latest album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, is similar to the sounds of MGMT, Passion Pit, and Vampire Weekend, but has an incredible distinguishable edge, which puts them on the list of top-tier bands to listen to in 2011. A unique touch added on each song makes this album highly honorable.  Girls is here to stick around.

An evident, love-themed album is relevant to help listeners cope with their heartaches. “Honey Bunny,” is an obvious title for explaining about a complicated relationship, but mainly focuses on one girl who loved him regardless of his faults, singing: “They don’t like my boney body. They don’t like my dirty hair or the stuff that I say.” A wonderful way to start off the album in one word: catchy.  The change of tone from song to song makes it a distinct and captivating album. Whereas “Alex” states “Alex has blue eyes/ Well who cares/ I don’t,” where the singer reminisces about a lovely smile and time well spent with a significant other.

The rhyme scheme creates poetic lyrics that come to life through each individual song with a perfect story told. “Die” is an edgier sound with great guitar riffs, heavy rock rhythms, and almost sounds like a different band wrote it.  The best song, hands down, is “Saying I Love You,” since it encourages listeners to want to fall in love again even after all the hardships, singing “How can I say I love you/ Now that you’ve said I love you?/And how can I say I need you/Now that you’ve said I need you?”

Girls are a raw, cool, pop-indie instrumental duo that will have listeners craving more. Each song gets progressively  better than the last. Two thumbs up!

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