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In big cities like New York City, I’ve always believed it important to find a good esthetician considering what your skin faces each day. The name Joanna Vargas was suggested to me as I have been on an organic and natural skin care kick this year. Joanna Vargas and her eponymous Midtown spa are known as the “naturopath of facials.” Since a colleague is visiting the spa itself, I decided to try her new, namesake skin care line comprised of Daily Serum ($75, 1oz), Rejuvenating Serum ($100, 1oz), and the Exfoliating Mask ($75, 2oz). The Daily Serum is exactly that; an everyday use, green gel to be used morning and night. It contains green tea and chlorophyll, which give it the light green hue and fragrance free. The Daily Serum goes on cleansed skin – before makeup – to give a rich, oxygenated glow to the face. I used the Rejuvenating Serum as a nighttime, anti-aging treatment. It is argan-based oil and you only need the tiniest amount. The apothecary oil has a botanical aroma and is extremely hydrating to tired or dry skin.

The last product, my personal favorite, is the Exfoliating Mask. This product can be used in two ways; as an exfoliating cleanser or you can leave it on as a mask for about five minutes after exfoliating. I also used this product sparingly and only twice a week. The mask cleans out your pores and sweeps away dead skin to instantly reveal glowing skin. The key ingredient is galactoarabinan from the larch tree and it has been clinically proven – not claimed – to reduce fine lines and retain moisture. The Joanna Vargas skincare line is one of the best, and simple, skin care lines I have come across in a long time. She doesn’t make overstated claims because her products work, and have been proven to do so. The product prices may seem steep, but you use such a minimal amount and you can’t put a price on beautiful skin naturally derived.

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