L’Occitane Aromachologie Hair Care Collection

human braiding hairOrdinarily Southern France inspires thoughts of lavender blowing in the breeze and glamorous movie stars. While I have yet to experience a star-sighting in the airport L’Occitane boutique I last visited, images of breezy lavender certainly arose. If only that were the destination of my travels and not Indiana (or wherever it was where my domestic flight was scheduled to land). At this time the reputable L’Occitane is not offering flights to France, but is adding a little taste of French beautication in several additions to its Aromachologie Hair Care Collection:

Shampooing Shampoo
Comprised of artemisia, petit grain, sweet orange, rosemary and palmarosa, Shampooing Shampoo intends to restore volume and shine to dry and damaged hair. This product could not have better timing as the end of beach season nears. However, such a dramatic outcome was unfortunately not my experience, and I was somewhat disappointed with the industrial scent given the emphasis on the “sweet orange and rosemary” in my mind. Nonetheless, as promised by its title, this shampoo does do a decent job of shampooing.

Soothing Concentrated Mask
With a noticeably citric scent, the mask had a much better first impression. What proved most impressive, however, was the bottle’s expert shape, which resulted in absolutely no spillage, not easily accomplished when managing oils and instructions to “massage” whilst standing under a shower of water. Nonetheless, I give a nod to L’Occitane for creating a product making said instructions capable of following. And, like its peers, the mask similarly is made with five essential oils, including chamomile, mandarin, cedar, basil and lemongrass, almost good enough to eat.

Gloss Lissant Smoothing Gloss
As far as I’m concerned, the battle of the frizz has, in my life, long outlasted that of all other wars that have started since my birth. And so enters yet another attempt to combat the frizz-fest that is my head in summertime. Again, the 5 essential oils present, this time in the forms of angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange. A lovely bouquet that apparently also protects against heat damage and breakage. As compared to similar products, Gloss Lissant holds rank alongside frizz-fighting glosses of similar ilk, not quite head and shoulders above, but yes, at least of comparable height.

I recommend supporting L’Occitane not just for the quick-trip-to-Southern France that most of its products allow users to experience, but also for the philanthropic approach that is the mission of the L’Occitane foundation and the company’s overall commitment to social responsibility. Now, if only they could conjure up a solution of essential oils that will actually transmit us to those lavendar fields. Hey, a girl can dream.

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