Limp Bizkit: Gold Cobra


Limp Bizkit
Gold Cobra

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Limp Bizkit has always remained an unapologetic forerunner in the arena of hard-hitting, in-your-face, heavy metal. Oftentimes dubbed as nu metal or rapcore, their latest release, Gold Cobra, is no different. Fred Durst as the vocalist/rhyme connoisseur has his own energetic, charismatic yet gritty natural ability to sell each track overtop a moving kinetic push made of slick metal riffs on guitar, slippery unabashed bass lines and drums built of steely power. Wes Borland (guitars), DJ Lethal (turntables), John Otto (drums) and Sam Rivers (bass) give each track a gut, except on toned down ballads or softer pieces. “Bring It Back” is not kind, and it winds up with loopy electric guitar and drums and engages in crazy tempo shifts. “Get A Life,” is a hateful bile-spewing warning to critics. The wicked electric guitar riff on “Shotgun” decorates the reason why Limp Bizkit is what it is, a nice transition from battle rock to an almost tropical metal music shift made complete with gunfire. Melodic, aggressive power that continues to alternate. Shimmering guitars build the walls of “Walking Away” a remorseful goodbye to a past. The fatality of a relationship on “Loser” begins moody with soft guitars and a breezy feel. “Back Porch” is enhanced with sexy guitar and a stiff yet dance groove while “Middle Finger” features rapper Paul Wall in a nasty naughty feat with killer back beats and lyrics that move with the coolness of an oscillating fan.

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