Lindsey Buckingham @ Town Hall, 9/27/11


When you get home after attending a rock concert—a good rock concert—and you sit down and go through your pictures, you’re going to think to yourself one of two things: either, “Wow, that show was so intense, my ears are still ringing,” or “That show was really good—it’s a shame more people weren’t there.” Tuesday night’s Lindsey Buckingham show is a great example of the latter.

At the Town Hall, located on 43rd St. between Broadway and 6th Ave., Lindsey Buckingham, the lead guitarist and sole male vocalist of the legendary Fleetwood Mac, played an inspiring concert, promoting his new album, Seeds We Sow…though, it seems not too many people knew about it. The small concert hall was nowhere near sold out, but those who were in attendance were in for a real treat.

Buckingham started the show much like he started his career: with just his guitar. “I started out as just a boy listening to his older brother’s records, teaching himself how to play guitar,” Buckingham told the audience, “and I’ve realized that that child still lives within me, as it does in all of us.” He then played great acoustic versions of five of his biggest hits, including “Trouble,” “Big Love,” and “Never Going Back Again.”

Buckingham then brought out the band. Seeing him backed by a band that wasn’t Fleetwood Mac was a little weird at first, especially for this huge Mac fan, but they did the job. Buckingham said he’s been fortunate enough to work with the “big machine” and the “small machine,”—Fleetwood Mac and solo, respectively—and likened the experiences to directing films; the big films are the money makers, but the smaller independent films  “allow you to take risks, follow your heart, and continue to grow as an artist.”

With that sentiment in mind, Buckingham played songs from both machines, peppering in his old classics like “Second Hand News,” “Tusk,” and “I’m So Afraid,” which featured a mind-blowing 5 minute guitar solo. We were also introduced to songs from Buckingham’s new album, which he said could be “the best thing I’ve ever done,” including “In Our Own Time,” “Illumination,” and “End of Time,”—all of which were very subdued, much like the record itself. He ended the set with everyone’s favorite break-up song, “Go Your Own Way,” before going into a three song encore.

All in all, Buckingham’s still got it. His unique, thunderous finger-picking style is still incredible to watch live, and his voice just seems to get better with age. This critic highly encourages anyone with the opportunity to catch him on this amazing tour.

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