Swollen Members: Monsters II

Swollen Monsters
Monsters II
(Battle Axe Recordings)

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Monsters II is the latest album from the Vancouver-based hip-hop trio Swollen Members. The Frankenstein cover shows that members Mad Child (MC), Prevail (MC), and Rob the Viking (DJ/Producer) are fearless and ready to rap their way to the top. They recently toured with Black Eye Peas and Tech N9ne.

Swollen Members’ seventh studio album of their career and second album release of the year combines a Gym Class Heroes/Travie McCoy/Lil Wayne-like new wave, abstract, upbeat hip-hop sound with consistent rhyme patterns.

“Trust” starts off the album with the repeating lyrics, “Shadows in the evening, we believe in trust/Loyalty, the honorable provide, join us/My people are down deep, I keep them around me, we crush,” while “Chase The Dream” starts off with a unique Indian-inspired sound progressing into an optimistic song (though you could have guessed that from the title). “Perfect Storm,” featuring Raaka Iriscience, is a perfectly blended rap song starting with the eye of the storm and unfolding with upbeat repetitive chorus breaks. “Broken Mirror” is strangely similar to “Perfect Storm,”a straight forward rap song without any notable edge.

“Sound Burial,” is one of the best songs on the album with repetition of “My stereo buries your stereo” while combining rap sounds similar to Drake and Young Money. It’s an addictive track with a popish feel to it. Set this song on repeat.

Swollen Members offer a distinct alternative sound to mainstream hip-hop. A new transition for rappers is to combine a humorous way to tell their life stories. Monsters II is truly a hip-hop story book unfolded and has an undeniable hand-crafted sound.

Listen up closely. The trio will be here to stick around. But the question is, will there be a Monsters III if the group continues to dive into another chapter of their lives?

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