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The Dead Trees

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More and more, artists are putting out their own albums in order to retain creative control. In that vein, Dead Trees are providing a modern take on classic rock. If The Beatles’ Abbey Road sound had a bit more of the Beach Boys’ sun, the result might be like Whatwave.

This band has attracted the attention of MGMT, Adam Green, and Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. In fact, Whatwave also features guest slots from the members of Little Joy, the side project of Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti. Clearly Dead Trees are doing something right to be considered the peers of such indie heavyweights.

What is that quality though? Well, without a major label, they’ve still managed to perfect the art of the pop rock song. “Play Your Hand” is the longest song on the record at just over three minutes; the first two tracks are under two minutes. In very little space, the band manages to combine melody and nostalgia to hammer home the pleasure. Each song’s as long as it needs to be to get into your head but not so long as to lose your attention.

While the whole album is worth grabbing, “Rayna” has a chorus that’s easy to learn and fun to sing along with. “Mexican Politics” definitely has more than a shade of The Strokes, and with any luck, this band will be hot on their mentors’ heels.

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