Arguably by Christopher Hitchens


by Christopher Hitchens

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Who knows more than Christopher Hitchens? You might not agree with the guy, you might love him (we’re all certainly pulling for him to have a full cancer recovery), but you can’t ignore the British-born columnist, literary critic, and contributing editor for Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and the Times Literary Supplement to name just a few. In his new tome of a book, Arguably, we get a bulk of the man’s collected writings about subjects as diverse as our entrance into the Iraq war, the use of the “F word,” and his reviews of a book about Mein Kampf as well as his thoughts on Harry Potter.

What I like best about Mr. Hitchens is that he is unfailingly honest, even when it doesn’t serve him to be so. He is, in the best sense of the word, a contrarian.  He actually published a much thinner hardcover, titled Letter To A Young Contrarian, which, with things seeming so rigidly politicized these days, Hitchen’s honest opinions (that at times he himself even questions) are refreshing.  

I warn you though, Hitchens is not a casual read.  It takes your very best attention to get through some of what he says, especially when he opines about politics.   Arguably though, is arguably some of the most entertaining non-fiction you’ll get to all year

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