Cobra Starship: Night Shades

Cobra Starship
Night Shades
(Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen)

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Cobra Starship is known for many things. They have great guest singers on their tracks, they put on a serious live show and there is a pretty memorable purple sweatshirt in there somewhere. Their new album, Night Shades, is no disappointment. The electric, vibrant beat is kept throughout the whole album. I like bands that don’t take themselves too seriously. Cobra Starship is good at taking it easy, which is demonstrated in their slick, funny music videos and quippy song lyrics. “You Make Me Feel…” was the first song to really catch my attention. It has the back and forth flirty lyrics I was expecting and the beat is excellent. This song could show up anywhere from a car commercial to a club. I would much rather hear it at the latter though. “#1Nite (One Night)” is also in the High Energy category. It gets you to curl your hands in your hair and move your hips to the beat.

Night Shades works if you’re going to wake up to it, listen to it while you put your makeup on, and hopefully hear it while you’re out for the night. Big thumbs up to the humble band with the outrageous music.

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