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Das Racist

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Das Racist defines the brilliance of a Brooklyn-based rap trio with their latest album, Relax, which I would say is for fans of indie/rap/alternative sounds similar to Gym Class Heroes and LFMAO’s earlier days. Heems, Dapwell, and Kool A.D. use synthesizers and foreign tones to sing their hearts out. In the first song, the title track,  they use native american beats: “See me playin’ bass in jam bands up at Wesleyan/See me at a poetry slam in like ’97/ Singing classic numbers by Otis Redding/ Totally shredding.” Let’s just say they rap the lyrics straight as it is.

Their first single, “Michael Jackson,” has gained recognition with catchy lyrics: “Call me Janet Jackson/ I got a hundred dollars/ I got the jungle fever/ Run with a hundred zebras.” While on “Shut Up, Man” Kool A.D. starts rapping with, “Yes, test me/ Yes please, test me / Nestle chocolate mix con leche / Isabelle Allende, no comprender?” Das Racist often refers back to politics, celebrities, and addresses significant issues.

A wide range of beats, synthesized Indian beats, and intelligent rap stories will keep fans listening. You’ll either hate or love this album. Give it a listen…Relax.

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