EAT & DRINK: Interstate Food & Liquor


Interstate Food & Liquor
74 Orchard Street
New York, 10002
Tel. (212) 804.6237
Open for Lunch, Dinner, and Late 7 days a week, Breakfast coming soon

Sometimes a trucker’s only salvation throughout miles of open road is found at the mom and pop roadside diners that have held the string of US highways together for a century. It’s easy to forget that thrill of driving when we’re stuck still in traffic on the city avenues or dodging cabs just to cross the street- but for anyone hankering for the good, old-fashioned taste of America’s wide open spaces and a chance to put the brakes on, an oasis has opened up in the Lower East Side.

Interstate Food & Liquor is your brand new pit stop between the overcrowded tequila dens to closing down the Chinatown karaoke clubs. A place to refuel between stops or layer on some good grease as your hangover helper.

Grab the burger ($11-$15) that comes piled with tasty bacon, falling right in that golden zone between crispy and soft. Add a side of jalapeño poppers ($7)  for some extra bite and the house specialty- fried pickle spears ($4). Daytime is a great time to let the kids stretch their legs and chow down on gooey mac n cheese ($9) and hot dogs ($5).

On Thursdays through the weekend, the DJ booth on the mezzanine starts spinning and a secondary, lofted lounge opens up, making Interstate a pivotal bar-hopping junction or your ultimate destination. So come on in and shake the dusty road off your shoulders.

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