Emika: Emika

(Ninja Tune Records)

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If Portishead took a darker, deeper turn, the resulting sound might be something like Emika. The British songstress makes electronic music that is perfectly suited to the moody nightclubs of Berlin, the city she now calls home.

It’s no surprise that she works as a “sound designer” since her songs are filled with lush beats. Layered in the midst of synthesizers and digital sound, Emika’s voice cuts across with stunning clarity. She has an intoxicating purr that’s able to climb up her range effortlessly.

Unlike many electronic albums, Emika places an emphasis on the vocals just as much as on the music itself. It’s clear that the songs are to focus on the lyrics and the stories that the songstress embeds in her lyrics and her tone.

“3 Hours” has a churning tone that immediately draws in the listener, while “Professional Loving” showcases Emika’s high range. “Pretend” is moody and atmospheric, and “Credit Theme” shows off the musician’s skill at classical piano. Her self-titled debut is a fabulous range of digital music and traditional talent. Fans of truly creative talents like Björk and CocoRosie would be wise to check out this record and enter the shadowy world of Emika.

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