Lindsey Buckingham: Seeds We Sow


Lindsey Buckingham
Seeds We Sow
(Buckingham Records)

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Producer, guitar player, singer, Fleetwood Mac-er, and at times very eclectic solo artist, Lindsey Buckingham gives us Seeds We Sow.

Featuring Buckingham’s signature gut-string picking, the shaky (in a good way) title track opens, then we’re into the roiling layered guitars of “In Our Own Time” with it’s snappy snare and tight commercial harmony chorus. The truly spectacular duo of “Illumination” (again with some fantastic harmony vocals) and the poppy “That’s The Way Loves Goes” are up next, the latter tune seeing Lindsey land his first real use of electric guitar.

“When She Comes Down” has a nice layered echo-y easy flow, though at this point in the proceedings we might not really need Lindsey’s whispery vocals yet again.  But it’s the guy’s style and the rich chorus certainly keeps this a little-too-long tune chunking along. We’re back for great gut-string guitar noodling for “Rock Away Blind,” which, like “Illumination” and “That’s The Way Love Goes,” is another true Lindsey gem.

“One Take” sees L.B. in mean socio-politic lyric country and back to electric guitar–something he’s playing a little too infrequently here (if anybody is asking me), still the bridge is something I never expected. I like the flick-a-flick quick-moving commerciality (it’s got what sounds almost like background “da do’s”) of “Gone Too Far”–another great tune (and there’s the electric guitar again!). The CD ends with some really amazing solo guitar playing under Lindsey’s love song lyric of “She Smiled Sweetly.”

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