Nurses: Dracula


(Dead Oceans)

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Nurses’ latest album, Dracula, sounds awfully similar to MGMT and Animal Collective. The pop-punk psychedelic band made their debut in 2007 with Hangin’ Nothin’ But Our Hands Down and was highly noted for Apple’s Acre in 2009.  Their new album is a thought-provoking, deep, and a essential CD to add to your ipod.

The album starts off with “Fever Dreams,” which features an array of redundant rhythms and singing tones, which essentially makes you want to get up, clap along, and dance like a groovy hipster. “You Lookin’ Twice” has several synthesized instruments and high-pitched singing with the lyrics “You were looking at the stars again.”

One track to skip is “Through the Window,” which evokes little to no emotion and is a rather boring song. However, my all-time favorite track, “Trying To Reach You” features a repetition of the title throughout the entire song but offers a delightful and happy presence.

Nurses takes listeners back to the psychedelic era. They’re an awesome band; two peace signs for them.

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