The Daily Shortlist October 3


Location: Chelsea, NYC
Band: The Bangles
Venue: Highline Ballroom
Food: Better Burger
Drink: Passerby
Miscellaneous: ’sNice

At this point, I think we all know that 80s bands getting back together and touring again means big money so I’m not surprised that The Bangles have reformed, and even put out a new album in Sweetheart of the Sun recorded with Mathew Sweet. Get your kitsch on. Hormone and antibiotic free, Better Burger focuses on serving a fresh and healthier alternative to the grease burger you can get anywhere. With a tiled floor that lights up, other than that, Passerby is a non-descript bar, which is why it’s a place artists flock to for a cocktail without being disturbed. While not the best named coffee shop, ’sNice is a nice and quiet coffee house offering vegetarian sandwiches and baked goods, while being a large enough space to spread your legs out and not worry about stealing another seat from someone.

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