The Drums: Portamento

The Drums
(French Kiss Records)

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In 2009, The Drums caught the attention of several listeners with their indie-induced sounds from their first EP, Summertime! and then released their self-titled LP in June. Their recognition grew tremendously in the U.K. as well as in America. Portamento offers a unique, raw sound with themes of dark hidden messages, religion issues, heartbreak, and not to mention a transition for Connor Hanwick who switched from playing drums to guitar after their original guitarist, Adam Kessler left the band.  Jonathan Pierce’s lyrics are an intimate reflection of his beliefs, which offers a nostalgic tone.

Opening with “Book of Revelations,” Pierce sings, “I’ve seen the world/ And there’s no heaven and there’s no hell/ And I believe/ That when we die, we die” with his obvious battle with the question of religion. “Days,” a reminiscent song Jonathan Pierce sings, features the lyrics, “And our days go by/ And I never needed you,” which repeats most of the same lyrics but offers a rather ear satisfying tune with soothing guitar melodies and flawless drum beats.

The album’s ending tracks, “How It Ended,” “In the Cold,” and “If He Likes It Let Him Do It,” are apparent love/sorrow songs as Pierce bewails, “Because it was a happy time/Now it’s winter time/And you’re cold.”

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