Bush: The Sea of Memories

The Sea of Memories
(eOne Music)

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Fans have been waiting a long time for a new Bush album to come out. In the past few weeks when several groups have disbanded, it’s good to finally see a group pulling everything back together to kick start a new wave of music. Bush has been on a hiatus for a long time and the band members have been basically quiet up until this point. Now they normally aren’t the screaming-from-a-rooftop type, but any hints of life are good. The Sea of Memories is the comeback of the ages. It’s hard to explain but there is something about it that is so… Bush. The sounds, the mood, the tone are all something warm and familiar. “The Mirror of the Signs” is the song that kicks off the album with a bang. The song is the perfect way to start an album and would also be the perfect intro for any live show. Each song left my heart skipping a beat because they all took turns I was not expecting. It is easy to see there is a lot of thought and care that goes into the lyrics, beats and riffs. The entire album has all the elements of Bush that people know and love. If any band were to make a killer comeback it would be Bush and if it were to be with any album it would be The Sea of Memories. There isn’t a whole lot to say, just good clean fun.

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