Crystal Antlers: Two Way Mirror


Crystal Antlers
Two Way Mirror
(Recreation Ltd.)

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Stemming from Long Beach, California, Crystal Antlers is an experimental psychedelic five-piece band consisting of Jonny Bell (vocals, saxophone, vibraphone), Andrew King (guitar, background vocals), Cora Foxx (piano, organ, background vocals), Kevin Stuart (drums), and Damien Edwards (percussion). Their 2009 release, Tentacles, was a self-recorded album and was recognizable for their unique sense of style and garage tone. Bell’s voiced has matured, but the first half of the album is quite squeaky.

Two Way Mirror offers a detrimental throwback from the retro 1960’s artistic era. The major point of the album integrates Bell’s raspy vocals with a surf rock, folk undertone. “Jules’ Story” is full of light guitar, piano riffs, propelling percussion, and a genius psychedelic movement from one song to the next.  The album’s best tracks are “Summer Solstice” and “Séance”—an incomparable flair of dimension with Bell’s boisterous vocals.  It is entirely overdriven with flair and tempos to create Crystal Antlers’ own identity.

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