David Lynch: Crazy Clown Time


David Lynch
Crazy Clown Time
(Play It Again Sam)

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If you’ve even seen a David Lynch film, you have some idea of what to expect from the artist. If you haven’t, keep in mind that this is an album that is seriously titled Crazy Clown Time. Having said that, I think it’s fantastic.

Opening track “Pinky’s Dream” features fantastically urgent vocals from Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This segues immediately into “Good Day Today,” a track so electro that it sounds like it belongs in a 1990’s dance club in London. This is the kind of strange contrast in which Lynch thrives; his elements are so everyday and recognizable, but there is a shadow that always makes things a bit weird.

Lynch is a surprisingly capable musician. “So Glad” is a spooky plea for isolation, and his whispered vocals on “Noah’s Ark” make the song all the more memorable. “Football Game” has a great bluesy feel, and “I Know” sounds enough like a carnival that you can easily conjure up images of some of Lynch’s more memorable characters from film.

There are a few tunes that do drag on and feel self-indulgent. “Strange and Unproductive Thinking” may live up to its name, but at over seven minutes long, it gets tedious. Likewise, “Crazy Clown Time” seems to try too hard to have strange vocals without making the music any more enjoyable.

As far as albums go, Lynch has made a memorable one. It hangs together well with the rest of his art in evoking his darkness, his thought, and his intelligence.

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