Fool’s Gold: Leave No Trace


Fool’s Gold
Leave No Trace

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Fool’s Gold’s sophomore release, Leave No Trace, begins with an apparent and catchy dance groove in the opening song, “The Dive,” highlighting the sound and feel for the rest of album. Expert guitar lines paralleled with an equally matching drum beat are accompanied by distinctive vocals in lead singer Luke Top and co-frontman Lewis Pesacov. By mixing Afro-Caribbean beats and 80’s synthpop grooves, the LA-based quintet create a sound that is both fun and danceable, with an upbeat New Wave feel. The breezy songs can easily transport you to a beachy nightclub with a modernized and throwback to the 80’s feel. The musical talent and creative abilities of the band are apparent throughout the course of the album. My favorite tracks include the first four songs of the album (“The Dive,” “Wild Window,” “Street Clothes,” and title track), each of which flow and merge seamlessly into the next track, maintaining the band’s distinctive layering of moving drumbeats, funky guitar lines, psychedelic grooves and matching horns.

While there are some highlight mellow pieces, such as “Mammal,” the more catchy tracks are the ones that stand out the most, creating a carefree island feel and body-moving, hand-clapping beat. Closing out the album, “The Lantern” reminds you that if the party has to end, at least it’ll end on a memorably soft and nostalgic note. Leave No Trace is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of danceable synthpop grooves mixed with a fun and Afro-Caribbean beat.

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