Gary Numan: Dead Son Rising

Gary Numan
Dead Son Rising
(Machine Music Ltd)

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“Resurrection,” an instrumental of blurps and starts looking for a beat with its low grumble kicks off this new 11-song album from Gary “Cars” Numan. The beats start on “Big Noise Transmission” all splashy with loud drums and driving beats, showcasing that distinctive Numan voice.  The low, spooky title track, which follows, sounds like real old Numan, with those snap-back drums and his laconic voice.

“When The Sky Bleeds He Will Come” is the first real expansive sounding tune with its clave beat and features a plaintive Numan vocal.  It sounds a bit like Ultravox (remember them?) but with the added NineInchNails-like snarky bleeding guitars.  (I wonder if old Trent wasn’t influenced by G.N. way back, as Numan has been delivering this kind of metallic burping dance stuff way before NIN formed.)

There’s a good melody on the pulsating troubled love song “For The Rest Of My Life,” but I’m not sure it goes anywhere (though the bass is cool) and an unexpected piano lead of “Not The Love We Dream Of” is a great change of pace from all the machinery.

Things get loud, all guitar bleed-y, and dance-beatable on the “The Fall,” a nice mover of a tune. Drums lead “We Are Lost,” which is long on atmosphere but not much else, and “Into Battle” is a slightly tribal high-tuned percussion instrumental.

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