Hurricane Bells: Tides and Tales


Hurricane Bells
Tides and Tales
(Invisible Brigades)

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Hurricane Bells’ sophomore effort, Tides and Tales, feels like, at times, an extension of their 2010 debut, Tonight is the Ghost.  Perhaps that’s because the album comes off as a fitting soundtrack for almost any mainstream film or television show with sentimental moments or slight indie flair.  We all remember the band’s song, “Monsters,” accompanying the world’s most adored vampire, Edward Cullen, as he made his entrance in Twilight: New Moon. At least you all remember, because I haven’t seen the film, and I never will.

Vampires and soundtracks aside, Frontman Steve Schlitz has a knack for twisting dark subject matter into sour-coated indie-pop melodies. Tides and Tales displays Schlitz’s curiosity of sound, distortion, and the type of simplicity that leaves a lasting impression. Notable tracks include “Before I’m Gone,” which highlights Schlitz’s strong vocals and guileless lyrics, and “Possibilities,” which opens up the album with a hazy guitar riff slightly reminiscent of “Monsters.”

Tides and Tales tends to leapfrog between styles. From synths to droning piano compilations, the album exhibits a complexity in instrumentals and sound that certainly shows progression. Though, it’s up to fans to decide if it’s progression in the right direction.

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