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I don’t know about you but lately my facebook messages have been bombarded with shopping conversation extravaganzas. From planning what to wear for the next meet-up, the end of the month’s Macy’s Passport/Glamorama, and of course Halloween, me and the girl’s are talking about what to wear, coordinating themes, and giving eachother a million suggestions… and I love it because who doesn’t love talking shopping with the girls? Now, facebook is fabulous, fine, and dandy with staying connected with friends whether it’s streets, cities, or countries that divide but I have to admit, the conversations about shopping in my message inbox can get a bit, err…complicated. Links disappear, images get funky, and it’s easy to miss communicate thoughts as typing, the “enter” button, and autocorrect, continuously ensue and create posting pandemonium. This is why when I heard about StyleSays, I was quite intrigued.

Aside from instantly connecting you to all of your friends already via facebook (whether they have a StyleSays account or not) the “social shopping experience” automatically populates the pictures and links for you, recommends personalized products, helps you build a personal collection, saves all of your conversations, and also informs you where to buy the product. A million stores are already on the site, ready for you to follow, so finding out the latest at Forever 21, Anthropology, Urban Outfitters and many more is easy! But my favorite features on StyleSays are that the website also notifies you when a product you’ve saved goes on sale and there’s a clever and easy to install “Say it!” button – which lets you save all of your online finds with no trouble at all. Just drag and drop it onto your browser. An extra unique feature is that Stylesays even helps their users combine collections with friends in order to receive free shipping from certain stores. They’ll also will be creating an app by the end of the year, which will bring shopping and social networking to an even more mind blowing level, making it possible to chat and shop with your favorite friends anywhere and everywhere you go! Check them out here: and follow their tumblr here:

They also have monthly giveaways. This month is extra awesome as they’re giving away one free month of ShoeDazzle for you and friend! Just click the widget and there’s no limit to how many times you can enter! Enter here:

If you want to follow me and my collection, just head on over to and follow me on

Learn even more information with StyleSays 101 from StyleSays on Vimeo.

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