The Daily Shortlist November 30


Location: Chelsea, NYC
Music: The Roots
Venue: Highline Ballroom
Show time: 9 PM
Food: Better Burger
Drink: Passerby
Miscellaneous: ’sNice

Probably the tightest band on earth who are the musical backup of Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show, The Roots have another album coming out in Undun, again pushing the boundaries of hip hop, jazz, and rock. Hormone and antibiotic free, Better Burger focuses on serving a fresh and healthier alternative to the grease burger you can get anywhere. With a tiled floor that lights up, other than that, Passerby is a non-descript bar, which is why it’s a place artists flock to for a cocktail without being disturbed. While not the best named coffee shop, ’sNice is a nice and quiet coffee house offering vegetarian sandwiches and baked goods, while being a large enough space to spread your legs out and not worry about stealing another seat from someone.

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