The Kooks @ Webster Hall, 11/16/11

The hipsters were out in full force at Webster Hall this past Wednesday night to see Brit-Indy-Rockers The Kooks kick off their U.S. Tour, promoting their newest album, Junk of the Heart. Riding the curtails of their recent Letterman performance, these English boys filled the place to the brim—people were sitting on speakers and barricades, doing whatever it took to bear witness to the newest British Invasion.

When the Kooks skipped across the pond, they brought their own catwalk along with them, which frontman Luke Pritchard put to good use, strutting around in Jagger-esque fashion, keeping the crowd alive and excited throughout the entire hour and a half set. Pritchard’s energy is really what made this show work as well as it did; you could tell he was genuinely excited to be there (at least that’s what it seemed like—between his heavy British accent and the crowd’s non-stop screaming, his in-between-songs anecdotes were barely audible).

Judging these guys based on their studio albums wouldn’t be doing them justice—they’re exponentially better live than they are in the studio. Songs that just take up space on their albums, like “She Moves in Her Own Way” and “How D’you Like That,” sounded like chart-topping hits. The band seemed to feed off the crowd’s energy, and the louder they got, the better they played.

Anyone with the opportunity should check these guys out. Even if you’re not too familiar with their catalog (like I wasn’t), you’ll still have an amazing time. The energy and excitement they exude is simply contagious, and with ticket prices at about 30 bucks, you can’t go wrong. Go see the Kooks—you won’t be disappointed.

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