Frye Melissa Button Boot: A Savior for Super-Sized Calves!

When I say that I have big calves, I don’t mean “I did sports in high school so my calves are really muscular.” I MEAN IT. I have freakishly. BIG. Calves. And I’ve tirelessly researched enough inaccurately-labeled shaft widths, read plenty of finicky online customer reviews, and returned enough “Extended Width” styles that were just not “extended” enough for my monster calves to know the true meaning of disappointment. Ilove boots… but sometimes they’re just not worth the heartbreak for people like me.

That is, until I discovered the Melissa Button Boot (Extended Width, of course) by Frye. Now, as a true bottom-of-the-barrel bargain shopper, I sure as hell hadn’t bought any pairs of Fryes previously. Don’t get it twisted – I’ve lusted over them… they just didn’t happen to fit in my $150 boot budget. But I figured since being cheap certainly wasn’t getting me anywhere in my quest to get some quality boots over my calves, it was about time I budgeted in my first big investment wardrobe piece!

To be honest, even as a pressed “submit order,” I didn’t have high hopes. Most of the reviews claimed that the “Extended Width” was hardly extended at all, and in short, that these were NOT the boots for people with huge calves. And with no zippers, buckles, or harnesses to help pull them on (just a couple of dinky pull-tabs on each side), I was pretty much just setting myself up for failure. But I couldn’t suppress my curiosity, or my lust for a new pair of Frye boots. What if these were THE ONES?

Sure enough, my boots arrived in the mail… and I was terrified to even open them. I stared at the box and relished in the short, delicious moment of uncertainty – a tiny, rare moment when I still had hope that maybe they really would fit. Then my curiosity got the better of me and I ripped through that package like a raccoon through a dumpster.

I wasted no time sticking my foot in, tentatively wiggling around for room, then grabbing those dinky pull-tabs and yanking for dear life… wait. WHAT?! THEY FIT! Praise the fashion gods – these boots really did fit. OVER MY SKINNY JEANS, NO LESS. Without an ounce of struggle. And no, I wasn’t even dreaming! I could have cried, but then I would have wasted time looking perfectly fabulous in my brand-new BOOTS! And as a result, I wear my new Melissa Button Boots everywhere, no matter what I’m wearing or how much I’m clashing with the rest of my outfit… and they fit even better each time I rock ‘em! The moral of the story? There is hope for us, my fellow big-calved ladies. Just try to be a bit more forgiving with your budget.

– Alex Gambardella

From our friends at thefind.com

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