Kusmi Tea offers a Little Christmas Blend


Kusmi Tea’s Christmas tea is a smooth sublime mother f’er of a loose Christmas tea mix. Blending orange, almond rose vanilla and spices, if you are a milk drinker with your tea (as I am) you won’t need any and if you like sugar usually, you might find you’ll be sparing with that too. There’s a bite in this mixture and iced or hot you’ll taste the full aroma of this spicy yet subtle tea. An age-old mixture, as all Kusami tea’s are, this company  “born in Saint Petersburg, Raised in Paris” does this Christmas mix perfect, as they do with all the many others they sell. Featuring Russian Teas, Green Tea and Wellness Tea, the Kusmi company is one you can trust.

For more information on Kusmi Tea, visit them at http://www.us.kusmitea.com/en/.

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