Plates of Cake @ Union Hall, 12/1/11


Performing last Thursday evening at Union Hall with Little Anchor and Black Forest, Brooklyn-based band Plates of Cake played an excellent set of tunes from their first, self-titled album and their most recent 7” record, As If the Choice Were Mine b/w Transit Trials. The band’s Byrds/Kinks-like jangle pop rang out clear and wonderful and mixed nicely with Jonathan Byerley’s deep-throated, slightly scratchy, and occasionally Dylan-like vocals. Joshua Carrafa’s guitar playing was fun and crisp and sounded fantastic. Although most of their songs clocked in at only two or three minutes each, the songs all feel fully developed with the catchiest licks I’ve heard in a while. This is definitely a band to check out, if you haven’t already, and to keep on your radar.

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