THE SEX FILES: A Holiday Wrap


I could go on and on about wrapping-up this year sexually, God knows there have been some tragedies… Penn State easily comes to mind, wackiness… Anthony Weiner’s face (and a few other body parts) pop into the frontal lobes of my lobes, and some fun…just think back on a few of the things you and your lover have attempted! I have tried to hip you to what I could and in my ever-vigilant attempt to keep THE SEX FILES fun and relevant I have…

…introduced you to NYC’s own Bare Naked Bake Sale company, doing sweet things for equally sweet causes with as little clothes on as possible.

…trotted out various reviews of releases from my friends at Wicked, Vivid and my extra-special friends at Digital Playground who have allowed me to interview some of their super wonderful ladies again this year.

…reported on Exxxotica and Tes Fest, both held just across the river in NJ.

…reported on my hopefully-to-be-yearly-round-up of the New York Film Festival and how one of those films-Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel related to us on THE SEX FILES.

…had a great talk with NYC filmmaker Mark Mori about his Bettie Page Reveals All movie we are all waiting anxiously to see.

…cultivated my relationship with the wonderful Tashen bookstore and publisher where we get all manner of amazing photo-essays, from the historical to the truly naughty like Liz Earls’ Days of The Cougar, The Outrageous Visual Diary of A Sexual Adventurer  and Will Santillo’s La Patite Mort.

….clicked on some sexy stuff online, from CF Publications’ spanking publications to Femmefetalefilms.

…introduced you to magazine publishers like our friends at Von Gutenberg Magazine (their issue #6 coming at the beginning of the 2012).

…got a little peak into the real-doll world of Sinthetics.

…reported from sexy spots in L.A. when I was out and about during that terrible three weeks of brutal January weather of 2011 (but I was thinking about you, don’t worry).

I know this time of year we all start ruminating about what we have accomplished and compare it to what we haven’t. The chasm between the two can certainly depress even the most positive of us but I hope you can see your way clear to enjoying whatever holiday you celebrate-if you celebrate any of them-that you can just have a nog and a nosh and cuddle with friends and family and not think too harshly on where you may or may not be in your life. The way I see it, as long as you are out there trying to live your life and not simply being a spectator of it, as long as you are trying to treat people nice and as long as occasionally you get in a few good moments for a warm tickle or some moaning with a partner or two, or even alone, I think you’re on the right track.

I wish you and your families a very peaceful, happy and most of all, healthy 2012.

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