THE SEX FILES: Searching The Web…again


I’m not sure if you’re aware of it but the kids today are all getting into this thing called the Interweb. I had me a look around and you’d be surprised over what’s going on online. So I found this little foot-pedal looking thing called a “mouse,” had me a click or two and low and behold…I was “online,” welcomed into an amazing world.

All joking aside, here is another run down on some new sex stuff happening via the web.


1.) Australia company Sensuous has announced its latest product: “Edge.” This is a ‘delay gel’ for men, and for those familiar with a numbing sensation on their southern region: “Most delay gels or sprays are formulated using lipocaine or other similar numbing derivatives,” Keith Jones of Sensuous explains. “We wanted to make Edge different and to fall in line with our philosophy of using natural products wherever we can. The active ingredient comes from an ancient tribal herb which has been proven and tested over generations.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome and we really believe Edge will be a great seller.”

Supposedly the mix of the gel created a warm tingling yet will stave off a man’s quick rise (if you will) to orgasm; the man is kept on…‘Edge.’

Further details can be found at 

Speaking of penises…

2.) Architect Irakli Kiziria has developed some new condoms with Louis Vuitton’s well-known brown packaging. The luxury rubbers are priced at $68 each and can be found here. They aren’t available in stores. Supposedly Kiziria has no affiliation with Louis Vuitton, creating the rubbers through a project called Design Provocation, affiliated with World AIDS Day. The proceeds from these condom’s sales will be donated to amFAR.

3.) For those of us who like silent black and while bondage films (really, don’t we all?), have a little look-see at the short award winning film by Caeser Pink called “Shibari.” This 8 minute plus short is part of the film-maker’s Meditations series of black and white films. If you are into this kind of thing or even mildly curious, Caeser’s film will tickle you in all those places you might like to have tied. You can watch the film here.

4.) The European Union-thought of by plenty in Europe as boring and even a bit invasive-is attempting to sex-up its image through its new YouTube channel the EU YouTube site.

Alongside more mundane videos titled “For a Smoke-Free Europe” and “The Reform of the Common Market Organization for Sugar” they are sneaking in stuff like “Film Lovers Will Love This.” This film (and more like it to follow) is part of a series of short outtakes highlighting an EU fund that helps distribute films made in Europe across the continent.

Although met with plenty of criticism, Margot Wallström, European Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy, said  “It is very important for the commission to use all the means at its disposal when it comes to communicating with European citizens.”

5.) Adult entertainment living-legend Peter North’s monster ‘pop shots’ are now something you can try too. The brand new Peter North’s Decorator app for Android platform devices will have you decorating your photos just like the infamous porn star/director. The app loads images selected by the user and then allows them to ‘fire shots’ paintball-style! You can adjust the volume and color of shots and Pete’s voice adds to the action, encouraging shooters and spouting frisky one-liners.

“Coming up with something like this that is so original and groundbreaking ranks high in my things that I’ve done during my career in adult,” North told XBIZ’s Dan Miller. The app is available here for $2.99.

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