Tribes @ Glasslands Gallery, 12/9/11


Playing a mix of songs from their current We Were Children EP and their up-coming LP release, Baby, British rock and roll band Tribes played an incredible set to an enthused crowd last Friday, December 9th at Glasslands Gallery. With a sound that mixes classic bands like the Rolling Stones with modern Brit rock bands like the Libertines and the Kooks, Tribes provided its audience with some much needed rock and roll.  The songs were tight with great guitar licks and incredibly hooky choruses, particularly the song they ended with, “We Were Children,” on which the audience sang along. As an already well-established band in the U.K., the guys seem excited and ready to move on to conquering the U.S.  And by the sounds of it, it won’t take them long to win us over. For those of you that missed seeing Tribes’ shows here in New York, the guys will be back for a second round in the spring, so be sure to check them out!

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