Twin Sister: In Heaven


Twin Sister
In Heaven
(Domino Recording Co.)

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Twin Sister has been compared to bands like Portishead, Cocteau Twins and Azure Ray. While it remains to be seen if those lofty comparisons will hold up over the ensemble’s career, their first full length album, In Heaven, certainly gets them closer to that level of greatness.

“Eastern Green” is one part melodic vocals and a whole other part psychedelia. The track is calming, emotive and a perfect introduction to the band. Toward the end, the ominous grind on the piano keys creates a true outro for the track. When was the last time you heard a band put good, solid effort into creating an exit from a track? “Spain” is rather similar to “Eastern Green.” One complaint about this album is that the chillwave sound ends up producing too similar of a sound. At times, it can be difficult to separate tracks from one another. “Spain,” however, brings a mariachi feeling to this otherwise simple indie track. “Daniel” is another fun song on the album, starting off with a simple xylophone melody then moves into the main rhythm. The song also features some of the strongest vocals on the album.

The high hopes for this band garnished over their prior EP’s is certainly merited. Pick up In Heaven to figure out just how merited the accolades are.

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