YBF Brighten, Hide and Sculpt Concealer


For a company with such a great product, there is little information about who they are and what they have to offer. I recently discovered YBF Brighten, Hide and Sculpt Concealer ($28.50) and it beats any other concealer I have tried previously. The product comes in a sturdy, portable three shade container with light, medium and dark shades. It is a cream-based concealer that goes on so smoothly that it feels like a second skin. The shades blend well together for contouring or for different season’s depending on your skin’s exposure level to the sun. The YBF concealer made my skin look fresh, matte and smooth without appearing like product. When I didn’t have time to put on foundation, I used YBF as an all-over treatment and it provided maximum coverage. YBF is an inexpensive line with a solid product. However, they are limited in their product range and their website seems more like a blog than an informative, shopping experience.

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