Is Bytox the Cure for a Hangover?


Bytox is an ominous title sounding a lot like a well-known cosmetic procedure. Rather than going into the skin, it goes on the skin. Bytox ($2.99) is a new dermal patch that helps prevent the effects of a hangover after excessive drinking. It was created by a New York City plastic surgeon and costs almost nothing. The patch arrived in my mailbox a few days before New Year’s Eve and since I was planning on being “festive,” the patch was like an insurance policy. The 2×2 inch patch can go anywhere on the body, but preferably somewhere discreet or out of sight. Bytox is essentially a high dose of vitamin B, which helps reduce the symptoms of a hangover. After a blurry New Year’s Eve, I woke up the next day simply tired from a lack of sleep and no hangover! I was a little skeptical at first, but I knew a mega dose of vitamin B would be my lifesaver. Bytox may or may not work for you, but at $3, isn’t it worth trying to avoid a potentially miserable morning after?

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