The Maccabees: Given to the Wild


The Maccabees
Given to the Wild
(Fiction Records)

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Recently, the British newspaper The Guardian ran an article asking if indie rock was dying out. Around the same time, The Maccabees’ third album landed comfortably in that nation’s charts at number four, proving that there is still an audience for guitar-based rock.

The English band has certainly matured over the years with Given to the Wild proving to be their most cohesive album to date. There’s a certain cinematic quality to the record, with each song flowing smoothly into the next. It’s difficult to isolate individual tracks, but that’s for the best. While other albums can feel like a collection of random songs made around the same time, Given to the Wild is a solid, soulful work.

The overall tone is slow and dreamy with songs like “Child” and “Ayla” not being afraid to pull in elements like horns and piano. There’s a patient build to every track that goes from quiet, delicate guitar to swelling triumph by the end. Don’t mistake that for it being formulaic though; The Maccabees have hit their stride and know how to make music for the heart as well as the head. Fans of Foals’ atmosphere and Arcade Fire’s intensity will find admiration for an English group only growing more talented by the album.

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