Dolce & Gabbana Pasta Charm Jewelry: Whimsical or WTF?


Clearly I missed something big from the Spring 2012 runways, because when I glanced at Drew Barrymore’s recent InStyle cover, I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw. Embellishments aside, her simple white ensemble was almost on the boring side – which is when styling and accessories really come into play – so when I noticed that her statement bracelet appeared to be made out of macaroni, I definitely took a triple-take. Alas, it was no joke – Dolce & Gabbana does indeed boast a recent collection of pasta and vegetable charm jewelry – including both bracelets and chandelier earrings that’ll certainly stir up your own appetite for look-at-me accessories. Bedazzled with boho-chic gold coins and sparkly stones, these pieces are undeniably eye-catching, but the bottom line is… the main focus of these pieces are bow-tie and elbow pasta! And do you really want to pay hundreds of dollars for designer accessories inspired by a common kitchen staple? I’m intrigued but torn – are these pasta charm baubles fun and high-fashion, or just plain ridiculous?

– Alexandra Gambardella

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