Funki Porcini: One Day


Funki Porcini
One Day
(Ninja Tune)

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A mixture of soundscapes, break beats and ambient details describes Funki Porcini’s One Day. The chill-out vibe of the album conjures up images of babies in nurseries dreaming of cats and dolls. It’s a peaceful project to say the least. As it should be since James Braddell scores films as well.

One Day also has the feeling of a man well traveled. Before making his mark as a professional musician in the 90’s with the famed Ninja Tune family, the native Englishman journeyed from his hometown to Los Angeles to San Francisco and onward to New York’s East Village. Before eventually settling back in England, he lived in Italy where scoring music for movies and television became his cup of tea.

The classification of One Day can mostly be described as meditative. There are no lyrics to get a sense of his thoughts, so one can only feel what he’s trying to say on such tracks as “Metropolitan,” “Elephant and Titus” and “Helium.” Which is to say: relax and enjoy the ride.

One Day is also through the band’s bandcamp site.

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