Elizabeth Grant Red Algae Radiance Mask


Traditional clay masks work to clean and refine pores; however Elizabeth Grant’s Red Algae Radiance Mask ($19.99, 3.4 oz.) accomplishes that and works to refresh and increase skin’s radiance. The Canadian skin care line continues with innovation and new products including three algae masks for the new year. The Radiance Mask has a lighter texture than a clay mask and stays on longer – about 20 minutes – upon application. The wait is well worth it! After rinsing the mask off my face, there was no residue and my complexion was instantly brighter in appearance. Elizabeth Grant’s formulations are based in patented Torricelum – a mixture of ocean minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Elizabeth Grant products may be targeted to mature skin, but their effectiveness is ageless and universal. For a high performance skin care line with results, Elizabeth Grant is certainly worth its weight in its signature gold packaging.

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