Errors: Have Some Faith in Magic


Have Some Faith in Magic
(Rock Action Records)

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For the post-electro quartet Errors, one of the greatest votes of confidence in their work is being signed to Mogwai’s label. Like their mentors and fellow Scots, Errors are able to create instrumental music just as powerful and influential as poetic lyrics.

Much in the manner of M83 and Múm, Errors create atmospheric, swirling music, but the band doesn’t shy away from layering on some big rock guitar that steals the spotlight. For instance, the riff on opener “Tusk” would be at home on a Mastodon record, and slinky “Magna Encarta” features guitars that entwist and play off one another like their countrymen Biffy Clyro.

Errors are also very comfortable embracing their electronic side. “Pleasure Palaces” is unabashedly washed in synth tones straight out of the 80’s, while “Blank Media” is more delicate and precise like Jonsi.

Tracks like “Earthscore” make Have Some Faith in Magic a true accomplishment, sounding something like monks singing with Depeche Mode. It’s a strange experiment that works even better than one would think. I can hear a thousand influences in Errors’ work, but by the end of their record, I feel like the band has a solid sense of individuality. They know how to make fun, thoughtful music without having to say one clear word.

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