Fun: Some Nights


Some Nights
(Fueled By Ramen)

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NYC’s Fun, comprised of Andrew Dost, Jack Antonoff and Nate Ruess, present their 11-song Some Nights album. By now you have probably heard the ridiculously catchy song, “We Are Young,” featuring Janelle Monae (of “Tightrope” fame), but there are some chewy other great ditties here. “Carry On” is uplifting (really what gets me most about these songs is that they are stirring, even when the lyric is not so) and this is one band who knows how to arrange their percussive drum machine tracks, sometimes sea-chanty-like vibe around their amazing vocal ability.

“It Get’s Better” drives with a cool auto-tune vocal effect. “Why Am I The One” is a strong, plaintive wail piano/vocal tour de force akin to Ben Folds Five with some wacky strings at the end that lift the song to a whole other realm. “All Alone” sounds like Gilbert O’Sullivan-meets-a beat box (look up old Gilbert O’ Sullivan unless you want to remain naturally alone). “One Foot” has cool horn-like bleats, an interesting bass drum beat and those amazing vocals again. The bonus track, “Out On The Town,” is another shucking commercial tune, with some nice use of electric guitar.

Fun’s Some Nights is a youthful celebration of tunes (oh these kids today!) from a band that has the chops and songwriting ability to deliver.

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